Mac To Read NTFS Hard Disks

Since I had my Macbook about a month ago, I was always wanted to make myself easier by not buying a portable hard disk for mac only.

On the shelves of some several stores the prices of those Windows portable hard disks and Mac ones have a difference. Face it, portable hard disk for Mac only tends to more expensive as compared to Windows.

I was running low of space from my 80GB Samsung portable hard disk which I bought 5 years ago and I was thinking of getting a new one. On that Samsung hard disk, its on the NTFS file system, an unreadable file system for Mac and I did test it out … lol.

Anyway I went down to nearby store, grab me a low cost 500GB portable hard disk by Imation …. and for you who don’t know Imation uses Seagate hard disks.

I check out the file system and it was FAT32. Sounds familiar. Windows was using FAT 32 before Windows XP (if I might recall), but it doesn’t change my objective … can a Mac read NTFS ?

Well here comes the surprise …..

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iPad Buzz : Geeks Hate It

Since Apple announce its latest creation the Ipad , a lookalike low cost tablet pc, there’s been a lot of buzz on the release of this product.

Apple is said to be releasing this product very soon and as I was typing this blog post, iPad seekers have already been waiting in line outside the Flagship Apple Store in Fifth Avenue Manhattan to have purchase the iPad as it makes its debut in New York City.

But as my blog says it …. “geeks hate it” … well you decide.

I’m a self confessed geek and for me i rather own a netbook instead of an iPad. Why?

Let’s check out my details:-

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A Portable Hard Disk Duplicator

It’ been a very …. very long time since I blog anything and it feels good to be back.

Well one thing I’ve discovered after that long absence is this device : A Portable Hard Disk Duplicator

Sometimes using software might be the easiest solution, but it can be a lengthy one and corruption of data might occur if not done properly.

Aleratec came up this solution and its very useful if you got lots of things to backup in a short time.

Well this HDD duplicator is portable and it supports 2.5 & 3.5 inch hard disks (IDE & Sata I/II). Not only that you can also access your drives via a USB connection to your pc with RAID0, RAID1, JBOD Spanning or Normal disk configuration.

This device is compatable with Microsoft Windows 2000 or above, Mac & Linux systems.

Google Wave – The Wave Of The Future

As I was busy concentrating on my latest project (making an Intranet based on Joomla), I take a quick 10 minute time out to check the latest stuffs on the internet.спални комплекти

Not surprising though, Google has come up with all sorts of new technologies prior to the release of its Google Chrome operating system next year.

What really caught my eye was its new development called Google Wave.

The same people who brought you Google Maps (the brothers Lars & Jens Rasmussen) are the same engineers behind this new Google product called the Google Wave.

Though it is still under development, I believe Google Wave will redefine Web 3.0 as we speak.

What Google Wave does is it makes real-time collaboration fun and literally transforms e-mail conversations to the next level.

3G – The Future Of Laptop Wi-fi

I have recently get to experiment a Dell Mini 9 netbook which has a 3G HSPA internet slot.

For those of you who are new to this,  mini-notebooks or netbooks are using the latest technology in 3G to connect to the internet. It is a sim card based (similar to the mobile phones sim card) as a channel for you connecting to the net.

Some came with USB adapter for you to place the Sim card inside it while others are pretty much placed in a sim card (similar) slot called the HSPA slot.

Some might call have the HSPA (High Speed Packet Access) version while others the HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access).

2 different names – what’s the difference?

The easiest explanation I can give you is that HSDPA is the enhanced version of HSPA, though both these protocols can have a transfer download speed up 14.4Mbps (that’s fast for a moile broadband).

So far about 200 telecommunication operators from around the world have deployed HSPA protocols for mobile laptop and netbook users; a sign that mobile broadband is the way to go.

With this new subscription technology, users need need be bonded to hotspots for Wi-fi though subscribing cost might be one of the factors before users started to adapt mobile broadband.

Some of the notable netbooks which are HSPA ready includes the Dell Mini-9, LG X110, HP Mini 1001TU and Lenovo Ideapad S10-2 3G netbook to name a few.

Recently in the news as well, mobile giants NOKIA has released their first netbook called the Booklet 3G and it is also HSPA ready.

From the way I see it, I’m not surprised if more mobile companies starting to release netbooks as they will leveraging on the future of boadband technology in 3G.

Johore IT Fair Now On

For those who might want to go to this year’s Comex 2009 but hate the crowd, you can cut across the Causeway and go to the Johore’s ECOM 2009 (IT and Electrical Fair) in Malaysia. For me, though I stay quite close to JB, however, I’m unable to go for this one as my International passport has already expired 😛 .

It happens at Persada Johor International Convention Centre which should be right behind the Public Bank building near Johor’s City Square shopping centre which is located at Jalan Trus.


From the map above, Persada Johor International Convention Centre is located at the item “B”.

From sources which I gather, the IT & Electrical fair will be broken into 4 event categories.

  1. Electrical Home Appliances
  2. Compute & IT Products
  3. Digital Cameras & Camcorders
  4. Online Gaming Show & Tournament

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COMEX 2009 – Pricelists Updated

It’s funny when around the world is experiencing the natural 4 seasons such as Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter where else in Singapore we are experiencing somehow a man-made season.

The season which I’m talking about now is the Comex 2009 a.k.a Autumn ‘shopping’ for Singaporeans.

Just a brief intro to that as well …..

IT Show = Spring shopping

PC Show = Summer shopping

Comex = Autumn shopping

Sitex = Winter shopping :)

Though it is a bit in-natural ( I might say for some), it is something that most Singaporeans will enjoy most of the time.


This year’s Comex 2009 will be held at Suntec City (if you’re going there for some other shopping besides getting a new laptop or buy any new electronic peripherals; it is recommended you stay away from the area cause the crowd will be huge and jam-packed). Opening hours will be from 12 pm till 9pm with 820 exhibitors covering Suntec’s levels 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 ( most of the exhibitors will be at level 4 and 6). It will begin today 10 till 13 September 2009.

One thing that a lot of visitors will be gearing up are the pricelists…..

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Windows 7 – Device Stage

One thing that you will noticed once you’ve upgraded to Windows 7 is the Device Stage.

Actually it ain’t something new, but Microsoft has integrate all USB devices and printers to one common location.

Windows 7 is available for download under RC2 (release candidate 2) and RTM (release to manufacturers). However it is yet been officially released, words coming from the official site saying it will be the 22nd October 2009.
Now back to the Device Stage.

From the Start menu on XP it is to be Printers and Faxes while in Windows 7 it is called Devices And Printers. In Vista however you need to go through the Control Panel to get to the Printers menu.

As you can see from the picture on the right, the start menu is similar to as Windows Vista.

Well Devices and Printers will give you more than that .

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